A pack that resides deep in the Montana forests!
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 Kettrin - Wolf Roleplay

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PostSubject: Kettrin - Wolf Roleplay   Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:21 pm

Welcome to Kettrin
Kettrin is no word count, semi-realistic wild wolf roleplay set in pre-Columbian alternate time when the indigenous peoples of North and South America reined and much of the land was made up of wilderness untouched by mankind. The year is 711 A.D. and takes place the on a region that the inhabitants canis lupus, canis rufus and canis dirus call Xeldynia which today is known to us as New England.

Here the plots are character driven. Life is not always easy and not every wolf has a happily ever after, but maybe, just maybe they'll have a happily for now in Xeldynia where they can rise through the ranks or suffer and thrive though the tough times as a loner. All character archetypes will find their place as long as they are willing to put in the effort to do so where the politics of the wolves grow organically through in-character interactions.

Kettrin is also dedicated to building the foundations of a wonderful OoC experience in the Member Lounge. Anyone who does not wish to partake in the roleplay may still join with an OoC account to engage others oocly in the Member Lounge and suggest boards for the OoC area that may have otherwise been missed.

[a href="http://kettrin.icyboards.net"]Join for a Howling Good Time[/a]
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Kettrin - Wolf Roleplay
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