A pack that resides deep in the Montana forests!
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 A Place for Anoki

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PostSubject: A Place for Anoki    A Place for Anoki  EmptyFri Jan 16, 2015 2:01 am

Anoki slowly padded around the lush green area. His paws were slightly marred from moving around frequently but he payed no mind. His lithe form was mostly covered with the green vegetation apart from his black fur. He stopped for a moment and rested beside a semi-thick tree, that was too covered with a light green moss. The moss seemed to cover everything. Anoki's line of vision was just filled with.. Green. The moss spread and seemed to cover the whole area.. The underbrush tickled his sides as he lowered his haunches to the ground.

"I wonder.."

Anoki wondered if anyone else lived here. He hadn't seen anything close to a wolf in a while, which slightly caught him off guard. His thoughts seemed to jumbled and complexify themselves and it hurt his brain when they did. At the momeny his mind seemed clear, which was unusual as Anoki was always thinking about something. I guess clear is good right now. He felt that his mind needed a break, he used it too much. Anoki was the type of wolf to think about things more than he should. It was a blessing and, of course, a curse. Speaking of curses, Anoki was beginning to feel like he had gotten himself lost.

"Where is everybody?"

Adressed: Atticus.|Mentioned: No one.|OOC Notes: Addie! Come find meh!. Btw this is for Ana's rank in Hidenka CX
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PostSubject: Re: A Place for Anoki    A Place for Anoki  EmptyFri Jan 16, 2015 3:02 pm

Black paws padded softly on the moss covered ground. This was one of his favorite types of places to roam on his territory, though this wasn't the reason as to why he was here. He caught wind of a scent foreign to him. It was another of his kind. Atticus was swift on his feet as he trotted towards the scent. He stopped short when he seen a black and white chested male lay down next to a tree. The other was smaller and more lithle then Atticus. Whereas he was packed with bulk and an intimidating huge frame. A good perk as for being an Alpha. His black ears flicked to the sound of the male talking. Addie let out a low growl to inform the wolf-dog that he had a preseance. The male was extremely territorial and the fact that this other wolf was on his land made him angry. Atticus stayed within the shadows as he circled the wolf. The only thing viable of the inky male was his bright electric blue eyes. They dilated into slits as he continued to let out a growl, You seem to be on the wrong side of town, Lobito." The onyx colored brute grumbled out from the dark. Footsteps ceased to be heard as he stopped and looked at the smaller male, parting a rather large cows tongue plant. There stood the dire hybrid in all his glory. His black glossy hide shined when the sun shined on him, his blue eyes gleamed in anger at the other. Hygiene was one of Atticus' many OCD characteristic, you would hardly find his pelt dirty or covered in muck and leaves; if you did it was a very rare sight. The black man lifted his tail in the air claiming he was the dominant and not to be played around with. The male carried a bad vibe with him when ever he was angry and in this case everything about him screamed danger but he held back his wrath as for this canine might have a reason as to why he was here.

OCC NOTES: Addie is here! ;D

Lιfє αѕкєɗ Ɗєαтн, "Ɯну ɗσ ρєσρƖє Lσνє мє вυт Hαтє уσυ?" Ɗєαтн  яєѕρσηɗєɗ, "Ɓєcαυѕє уσυ αяє α вєαυтιfυƖ Ɩιє αηɗ ǀ αм α ραιηfυƖ тяυєтн"

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A Place for Anoki
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