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 Smack, Lick, Play, or Ignore!

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PostSubject: Smack, Lick, Play, or Ignore!   Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:09 am

There are many different brutes in the animal world and that ties with their actions. For example, a flirty brute often flirts with others and will sometime flirt with the wrong ones. What would you do? Keep in mind that wolves with different genders can react very differently. Read the directions below and enjoy the game. And please keep it appropriate.

There are four options to use to treat the brutes. You can either smack, lick, play, or ignore. I will start off with a statement which contains what my brute does.  The user after me will choose a reaction (from the four options), give a short reason why, and make create a statement about their own brute's actions. When choosing a reaction, start off with my male/female wolf.... You can respond in any way as long as the words needed in the statement are there. Here's an example!

Ex: Lillian-- My brute decides to sniff your wolf.
     Atticus-- My male wolf decides to smack the brute because it felt like it.  My brute decides to nuzzle your wolf.
     Lillian-- My female wolf decides to lick the brute because she likes the wolf. My brute decides to chase your wolf. And so on...

Ready? Let's start!

My brute decides go bite your wolf.
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Smack, Lick, Play, or Ignore!
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